Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nature's Beauty

Feelings Can’t Explain

                Sitting inside my room at the boarding house, lonely and very sad because I want to go home at Bugasong, my hometown.  My heart is so pale and it’s like going to die and I want to talk to my friends at Antique but it’s not enough, I want something I don’t know. I can’t think or guess a clue what I want. I think broader and I close my eyes, I think and think. After a minute, I went outside and went to the store to buy a load.
                When I already received my load, I immediately register to an unlimited call promo but sad to say that I can’t register because of too many subscribers. Then I ask someone in the boarding house what other promos available except unlimited call. Then I try to register, then I’m glad to open the message then I’m already registered.
                I hurriedly call my friend, Reyna. We talk about the situations here and there. Different topics were discussed in our conversation. Then she suddenly gave the cell phone to someone. At first, I don’t know who’s talking to me. Then I asked his name. He didn’t give his name to me. In our long conversation my heart becomes red and blooms like a flower. Then I realized the person I’m talking is no other than my special one. I was going to shout out loud at my room but if I do that, my board mates will hear me and asked me why. Instead, my mind was injected with a virus and I talked to him inadequately and pretending not happy talking with him but inside my heart, I’m super excited to go home to meet him and hug him tightly because I already missed him so much. But I have no choice I can’t go home because I want this life, to study here in Iloilo. I have to prioritize my studies first, before anything else.
                As I’m talking to him, I didn’t know that I’m talking nicely to him. And he said to me that I hear it scripted but there was a word “MISS”. I asked him to repeat what he has said a while ago but he didn’t say it again.

                Now, my feelings and my mind are back to normal. I live quietly and peacefully even I missed them or him but in every problem there’s a way. And in my situation, the only way to communicate them is to call, text, chat, or even Skype.
                Thank you to our Almighty God for giving me an opportunity to be happy again and to wipe my problems. And thank you also to the modern technologies, with them we can communicate to our friends, families, and most especially to our loved ones.