Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Last Day in High School Life

From Left, Ryan Mantac; Mark Kenji Vacuna; Shea Angela Cordova; Geneco Mabasa; and Lloyd Anthony Quinones

          It's like a dream that we step at Antique Vocational School. We're like an innocent without knowing anything. Some of us already know each other because they're our friends and classmates when we're in elementary but there are some that we don't know who they are. But through friendship we don't know we're close to them and they're already our friends. So, friendship is a must in man's life because it can attach and link each of us whatever characteristic we have.
         First day of school, first day of classes and we're excited to meet our new classmates and teachers. We're excited to learn new things and we're ready to upgrade our mind to a new level of thinking. The opening of classes starts with a flag raising ceremony. While we're having the flag raising ceremony, some of us talking to each other and established friendship to each and everyone. We then discovered that some of us came from far place and some are graduated as valedictorian and salutatorian in their school. Some of us that graduated as a normal student felt nervous because some of our classmates are intelligent. And we thought that they will underestimate us but our thoughts are wrong, they are like an ordinary student also, they can tell jokes and stories sometimes.
          A lot of things happened in our stay at Antique Vocational School but now, we're here at the final stage of high school life, the fourth year. Lot of troubles we've encountered but through the help of our friends we can get through it. This year, we spend a lot of our time bonding each other because we said that it's our last day in our high school life, so we must enjoy life to the fullest. We play slipper game, we act as a child. We don't what they were saying as long as we enjoy the remaining days in our alma mater.
          High school life, the best! We've experienced also going home at 1:00 in the morning just to comply our requirements and projects in our subjects and when we're doing our obligation and duty on our Supreme Student Government, instead to be depressed or to be stressed on our work, we enjoy it so that it is not boring and so that we can't feel any pain.
         Today, that we're already graduated in our alma mater. We're scattered now in different colleges. We're sad that but we have no choice we must let go of our friends and love ones. :( Instead of that, we must be thankful to God, our creator that we can continue our journey even if we're too far from our them because God didn't left us in time of our troubles and problems. Just pray as much as you can. Because prayers are free, don't waste your time on things that can change a lot of your personalities that someday you will treat your love ones like strangers. Be contented on what you have because that's your life. Just follow the path we're God will lead you. Think of your future and always wear a smile. :)

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