Monday, May 13, 2013

THANK YOU for the CARE [My Thoughts]

Thank you Lord GOD, thank you for everything! :D
I’ve been born weak, fragile, and has a different personality. My parents didn’t want that kind of characters.

When I was in 5, Nanay told me to act like a chap. I tried but I can’t! My friends and playmates bullied me and treat me like a stranger.
So, I better stay at home always because I’m too shy to show myself in public. When I saw some people chattering around looking at me, I feel like they’ll going to curse me to death.

I continue acting like a lassie. I didn’t mind them at all! In my mind, I’m just true to myself, why change? It’s my nature, I’m not plastic!

I reached the stage of being an adolescent. When I went with Nanay to the market and I saw something I like, I didn’t tell her that I want that or I want this because when I’m little, she always scolds at me when I ask her to buy something for me. “Our money is not enough for that,” she always said that. Now, I realize that the children of today are very lucky because their parents always gave them what they want. In my time, it’s not easy. You’ll have to cry a lot like an artist before they will give what you need but sad to say sometimes, they don’t. So when we will have an affair at school, I didn’t have a chance to choose my own dress and what my likes are? Because they choose what they want for me and I have no complaints about that. In my mind, “I’m lucky and proud that my mom choose this dress for me.”

As the days past, I realized about myself, “Why is it I’m like this? Always being treated differently by the others. What would be my life in the future? Will I be fail and can’t stand up anymore?” I asked. Those are the questions that bothered on my mind. Instead, I said “I can do this! With GOD nothing is impossible.” I’ve been hoping that they’ll understand me someday, why GOD gave this life to me. Maybe He gave me this kind of life because He wants me to understand that no matter who you are, WE ARE ONE!

On my way, I met some hilarious friends especially Ryan Mantac, my best friend since I was in elementary. We’ve been through with quarrels and arguments sometimes but he’s not plastic that’s why I like him. Friends gave me happiness, they make my life more beautiful and meaningful in some ways, and they gave me courage to pursue my dreams in life.

I have some funny and memorable moments during my high school years with my friends (Sorry I didn’t mention the names because it’s too many of them.) They let me experience being a human being without any limitations and discriminations. I feel I can do this! Being with them every day talking and chit chatting is like I am free and be able to do what I want.

I’m very thankful that I found them because when we saw each other at school or along the way, they call me “Jashua,” not my true name. I’m just happy to hear that they’re calling me like that because it sound nice and good to my eardrums.
In my 17 years of age, they still call me Jashua. And now, I’m turning 18 and I’ll hope that whatever happens they’ll going to call me Jashua, now and forever!
I reached this age without engaging in any relationships because I don’t need it and I believe that instead of that, I’ll make more friends because they made me stronger to face challenges that I’ve through on my way. They say “Without a lover, your life will be in a mess,” that’s not true because I reach this age normally, happy, and stress-free. To be in a relationship with others is not an answer to your happiness but the true happiness can be found on GOD, on your parents, and on your friends. To be with your lover is a temporary pleasure, but months past it’ll fade like a smoke with no trace. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I just want to share what’s on my mind.

Thank you very much for my friends, for the memories! I won’t forget it forever. Especially to GOD, the Almighty Father and the creator of all things, my life became happy and have no borders when I met Him, just be with Him no matter what happens.

All the impossible can be possible with GOD. Trust Him and believe in Him!